The Ultimate Guide To Nailing The Perfect Workspace

What every employer wants and desires to achieve is, creating the perfect workplace that any employee would be motivated to work in. A strong and motivated workforce means higher productivity of the firm, thus resulting in more goal achievement. So as an employer aiming to achieve such a level of productivity, here are some tips to help you out.  

Look within  

The experts of today have so many ideas and so much to say about how one should design their workspace and what they should include and what not. However, if you are aiming at working out the ideal co-working space Singapore for your firm, then look within. What works for one company wouldn’t work for another. And that is why such designing concerns should only be done to suit your firm. Most companies represent their standard and level through the kind of employer they have, and that is why certain firms go for more informal styles while the others stick to more formal setups. So find that thing that matches to this and work things out to suit best!  

Use music well  

Running a firm isn’t only about having the perfect serviced office rental and a couple people working in it. It is about how you get your work done and how effective are you at it. Piling up the work load isn’t going to bring in money to your firm if you cannot finish it as necessary. So in order to work on that effective productivity, studies have found that music helps a lot. Allow your employees to listen to music of their choice while they do their work or have music playing in a central station. This way an otherwise dull and boring day automatically becomes one that it hyped up and interesting.  

Spacing and arrangement is everything  

You must have heard the experts going on and on about the need to have a proper posture, considerable time away from the laptops and so and so forth. Don’t disregard these advices as they matter a lot to design the perfect workplace for your employees. When you are making seating arrangements for different areas, do so in a way where there is plenty of space to move about and there is a need to move about in the first place. This way your employees work and move, to maintain the much needed balance between time away and from the laptops and technology in general.  

Stray away from distraction through windows 

Having windows are necessary, and including a perfect view in it too is essential. However, at one point these are also the perfect distractions for an employee to daze away and lose focus on whatever he is working on. So when you are making seating arrangements for cabin spaces and such, make sure the chairs are turned away from the windows. But do allow the natural light to flow in.  

Consider the above and create a one of a kind inspiring workspace for your employees!  

5 Tips For The Perfect Poster


Posters are one of the oldest forms of print-based public communication and it is still used today. This is a great testament to how effective it is. However, just putting up a poster won’t do much today as there are posters where ever we go. Here are some tips you can use to get the best out of your posters. 

Make it simple 

People rarely take time and read things these days especially something like a poster so you need to say what you have to say in the simplest way possible. To this end having a simple design is important. This is also helpful in the way that if you have less noise on your poster it is easier to highlight the important things and this can grab a person’s attention. When designing a poster try not to have too many unwanted visual elements that will distract the reader. A clean, minimalistic look is the way to go. 

Colours have power 

Apart from the design and composition the colours used can have a big effect on the poster. Come colours have the ability to attract a person’s attention and other colours blend into the background. Furthermore, different colours have different meanings so you need to pay attention. When choosing colours to have a solid colour theme and stick to it. Not only will this make it look better but it will also help the poster stand out. If possible take into consideration the background and try to contrast as much as possible. 


The main objective of a poster is to communicate something so make sure you present the information intended properly. You might be using pictures, words or both. Make sure you pay attention to the typography and composition of the elements and communicate the message you want to say in the clearest way possible. 


The quality of the poster matters a lot. If the colours wash away after two days and no one else sees it after that it would not have fulfilled its purpose. Get your poster printed on a vinyl banner so you know that it will stand against the elements. Consider the environment that you will be displaying your poster before you print it. 


Where you display your banner will have a big effect on who will be seeing it. Do some research and choose the best position you can before you attempt any signage installation 

A poster is a great way to communicate with a large number of people so make sure you do it well and you will not be disappointed.