Beauty Tips For Summer: What You Have To Avoid And What To Practice

This is sometimes the biggest mistake we do to ourselves: misunderstanding the seasonal fashion styles. Every season has a different style when it comes to fashion. Simply you can’t wear your winter clothes during summer. Likewise, we have gathered other beauty tips for you that you will never regret trying.

Don’t use a lot of makeup when you go out during the sunny days

Unless you drive to work and your office is fully air conditioned, you don’t have to worry about your makeup getting ruined due to the heat. But if you are going out for sightseeing, shopping and to do some outdoor activities minimize the amount of makeup you use. Best if you can totally avoid it. The reason for this is makeup can get washed away when you start sweating and it will start to give an odd glow to your face. Especially the oil based make ups can make things even worse. So, it’s best if you can avoid this or less it. Specially focus on moisturizers that needed to be applied because it will dampen your skin and keep you away from skin drying, acnes and wrinkles.

Your hair styles for summer

It’s best if you can cut your hair short during summer. There are so many cute short hair styles for you to try. You can also do some hair colors as well. But if you still don’t want to cut your hair but keep them long and curly you can tie them up in pony tails or do a hair bun. This is to keep you away from adding sweat to your body. Don’t even think of loosening your hair when you are going out in the sun. There are so many updo styles for you. Can be formal, messy buns, donut buns, etc. just pin your hair and you are ready to go.

Clothes and jewelry

Be selective in clothes. Go for light colors and loose clothes. Especially for summer many clothing shops turn up with new arrivals, designs for the season with really good deals. Try to get pure cotton clothes to make you feel cool and to maintain a good air flow in your body. Now if you are planning to hit the beach, don’t forget your swim suits and bikinis. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to do your shopping. It’s all one click away to figure hugging dresses to plus size online shopping. Fashion is not limited only for the flawless shaped bodies but also for the big size body shapes. So, feel free when you do your shopping and mark your identity with the best option available.

About the jewelry, it’s best to avoid them when you are going out. Much jewelry needs to wipe after you wear them. Specially when you wear them on sunny days and you are sweaty don’t forget to wipe them from a tissue.