Changes In The New Millennium

Some might say the world today has changed for better or for worse. It would be how a person sees his/her hour glass full. With the emergence of women’s right and equality and the availability of education for most women world over children no longer always take priority. With materialism increasing and more and more products coming into the market and human beings presuming that they need all these goods money has become a very important commodity for men and women.

Women today are no longer willing to depend on men to take care of themselves, however nature will not change according to the whims of humans and there is a time period where women can conceive and so the need to have a baby or babies come up with the option of finding the best nursery to take care of their a necessity.

There are those who might say that this is one of the curses of the 21st century where the mother does not take care of her child but an outsider has to do the job. However there are those who will say that women need to break free of the shackles around them and cope the best they can with having children family and a career. Enrolling your child into the best nursery you can find is going to be expensive, but will be handled by trained staff and will be the best option for working women.

Education is the key to a woman’s future.

It is very unfair that a woman has to make the choice of staying at home being a housewife or a professional, and when the choice is made she is judged by society. It is not an easy task for a women to be a mother and professional, and society and governments across the world must help to make this choice easier for women.

It is an un-debated fact that an educated woman will always make a better mother and quality time with her child is better than an uneducated woman’s time with her child. An educated woman will be able to show her child the real world with no blankets to cover up the state of the word and see the world with less prejudices and more tolerance as education makes a man or woman see the world differently. There will never be the perfect parent father or mother and it does not make a working woman less of a mother to keep her child at a day care so that she too can achieve her ambition. A woman should not have just two choices and no options.