Drawbacks Of Living In An Apartment

Sometimes living in an apartment won’t be exactly what you expected. It might be low maintenance but it can difficult for you to live in. Here are some drawbacks on apartment living for you to carefully consider:


These people do matter as you will have to live with them for an extended period of time. Some might let their dogs relieve themselves in the elevators. Some might even damage the walls and you might be penalized for it. It might take even longer to fix any damages they left behind as it will have to get approved first. Sometimes the apartment for rent is not worth your effort and time. If you are sharing garbage with your neighbor keep in mind that sometimes the word share will be taken too far especially if you find a sofa in the large dumpster. Your neighbors might not be very welcoming and if you request for any help some might not help you.


This doesn’t apply if you live in a penthouse suite but if you do live in a regular sized apartment you might find that their might be lack of space to store items as a result all your precious goods will be laid out in your living or dining area. If you live in a house you will have place your Christmas tree in the garage or shed opposed to placing it the living space.


You won’t be able to host barbecue parties or other events due to the noise factor and lack of space. You neighbors might not be very entertaining people and they might dislike the fact that you have so many friends and you are constantly yelling or talking too loud. This will be difficult for you to even host a simple birthday party if you are living in an apartment for rent Sheikh Zayed Road.


If you are used to living in a large space where you can walk around in and sniff the plants well you won’t be able to do this if you are living in a condo. Most condos or areas to live in are small with a mini balcony which can host a few flower pots and some artificial grass. It will be difficult for you to walk your pet cat or dog too. You will not be able to feel natural grass or real flowers in the ground. A condo is a compact space which is almost like an extended room. Keep in mind to carefully evaluate the drawbacks before you decide to move into a home for sale.