How To Swag Up Your Car Before You Sell It

Your car may have a lot of life in it, but if it looks old, then selling may be a bit of a problem. No one is fooled by a paint job these days, so if you want your car to be attractive to buyers, you need to get creative. Assuming that money is not a huge issue, here are some things you can do to give your ride some swag:

Customize that Paint Job

A simple paint job might not work, but a customized one will. Think carefully about what kind of person might buy your car. If yours is a minivan, no amount of race- car looking flames will prompt a young person in his/ her twenties to buy it. On the other hand, a sweet and simple car design on the back door or along the lower half of the vehicle might draw some customers looking for a different kind of vehicle which is not too radical. Ask for quotes from a couple of places and go for the one with the right price and the right testimonials. Just because you’re selling it doesn’t mean you should do a half- baked paint job on it.

Make the Windows Pop

Or you can choose to leave the colour of the body as it is and change the windows instead. A 3m car tint will add an extra layer of safety to your vehicle. Tint the windscreen and it will reduce the glare of oncoming vehicle headlights by about 25% – 50%, allowing for safe driving at night.

Tint the side windows to reduce exposure to harmful UV rays and to minimize the car interior heating up. The guarantee period, the cost and the benefits of the car tint Dubai adds extra value to the vehicle and you may even be able to hike up the price of the car because of the effort you’ve taken to make the car safe.

Go Rocker on the Wheels

How boring are the original wheels that came with the vehicle? Granted they may yet be in top shape, but if they are not, then consider changing them up for a different make or design than the one it sported originally. Show your wild side with some racing car themed wheels with matching colours, or show your fun side with four wheels and four different colours. You can find DIY cans of paint at auto stores or buy coloured alloy wheels off online sites if you don’t want to spend too much on a professional garage job.