How To Target The Sweet Spot In A Company

Businesses involved in the corporate sector used to focus only about making profits for the owner 30, 40 years back, then it extended up to being considerate over their stakeholders and then it came to a point where they paid attention to both of the above plus the society at large. Every firm do have an interest into doing as much as CSR projects as possible to give out the message that they not only raise money to uplift the economy level but also they actively make an effort in uplifting the well-being of the society as well. All of these activities seem a bit main stream when it comes to the firm’s point of view and so they make an attempt to take all of this effort into a completely next new level.Firms always try to make their employees feel like they have chosen the right place to work. Google have a lot of videos and rich content that explicitly opens up on how flexible, friendly their environment is to work in and the way each firm chooses to retain their employees and stakeholders can be different. Some would create internal talent competitions, get sports clubs to come and have cricket fiestas, football likewise or even fashion show companies for the ladies out there who’d like to take a walk down the ramp in competing with another division.

The sweet spot of a corporate environment in an employee’s perspective will be when they feel that the work they do is good, the working environment is good and their boss loves them. Let me break down these three and explain a bit further.

• Good work

The work can be good when you choose a role that has a perfect fit with what you have and what you like to do. Say for an example, you have completed a bachelors in marketing and have worked all your way up to being an assistant marketing manager in the UK where as you’d be mostly focusing on the strategic side of the marketing division whereas you move into another country an take up the same position in a company but your role could be to focus on micro marketing. The work can be good for someone who likes micro marketing but not for someone who focused on strategy. Therefore good work is always a good fit between what you have excelled and what you like.

• Good working atmosphere

A good environment is where you have friendly co-workers along with a good comfortable place to work in. it’s very important to make sure that the employees in your company must have the attitude to be good to each other and be supportive. This is what creates an atmosphere where people feel like walking in and working a lot harder.

• Good Boss

The employees who have the feeling as their boss loves them will always feel like working ten times harder for the place they work for. This is something to do with not only the salaries and bonuses but with simple things you notice in your employees as sweet spots in them. If there is a considerable amount of entertainment agency Dubai who loves singing, then get a few judges and put up a talent show, if there are people who pay more attention towards new styles and trends, bring in some fashion show companies who could hold an event which will make them feel cared for. This also creates the bond among co-workers and interest towards workplace.

These are some of the ways that a firm can find the sweet spot among their employees as the workers are those who keep a company running.