Interior Decorating Tips For An Old House

Decorating a new house is always a pleasurable experience. The newness of the house, coupled with doing something that would enhance the look and beauty of the house makes the process of interior decoration all the more pleasurable. The thing with houses, unfortunately, is that they do not stay the same way for a long time. Neither do you come across new houses to decorate all the time. More often than not, we are stuck with decorating a house that is not brand new, and sometimes is even in a state of despair. Even though we are pretty great with interior decorating new houses, we are sometimes at a loss as to what should be done when it comes to an old house. Well, the good thing is, interior decorating an old house is not that hard, provided that you know what to do and which combinations to pull off. Here are some tips that you too can use when you are interior decorating an old house.
Keep only the absolute essentials
Old houses are, more often than not, full of things. This is only natural as they have existed for a long time. A long existence means a collection of bric-a-brac that you don’t really know what to do with. When you get handed an old house, the first thing that you should do is to start sorting out what is needed and what is not needed. Keep in mind that most of the things that are in the house are old, and can be easily replaced by cheaper things. You really do not need to keep all those things that came with the house. There also maybe things that you don’t have a place to keep, but might be useful for you in future. There are storage facilities that can store such items until you find a use for them again.
Now that you have discarded most of the unessential things and carted the other things to storage facilities in Dubai, you would have a pretty empty house. Before you go ahead and purchase new items, it is best to give the entire house a thorough cleaning. You would be surprised at how different an old house looks after a thorough cleaning. There are also certain things such as distressed cleaning and painting that you can do while cleaning the house too.
Go for vintage styles
Now that you have a clean, spacious house, it is yours to decorate as you please. Old houses look best with vintage interior decoration styles. There are plenty of advice on vintage interior decorations in books and the internet. These will give that charming effect to your house.