Letting Your Creativity Bring In The Money

For many young men and women, a full time job can be a very tiresome, boring and a daunting experience because in their heart of hearts, they know they are meant to be doing something else. Many creative young adults, who have so much talent inside of them, sadly sit behind desks at high paying yet uninteresting jobs for years on end letting their natural talents waste away.

One reason that this happens sometimes is because in this modern world we live in, we have been trained to think that we need to study everything and have degrees in everything before we can start using these talents to earn a living. One example of this is that while anyone can start a small business in their own homes with no initial investment at all and begin earning money, society encourages young school leavers to invest thousands of dollars in a business degree before they pursue their dreams in starting a business. The truth is, the smaller snack seller by the side of the road started his business from nothing and is minting money through his natural business skills as do many small businesses around the world and waiting three years and investing a few thousand pounds on a degree to do this can often be a big mistake. Of course there are professions that require a degree like becoming a doctor or a lawyer however there are many professions that simply require natural born talent to become successful like becoming a fashion designer, an interior designer or a dancer.

Let your own creativity guide you

If you have been doodling beautiful outfits on pieces of paper for as long as you can remember, then there really is nothing stopping you from becoming a successful fashion designer in Dubai. While you may not have the money to study for an expensive degree, you have a talent that really cannot be taught and the first thing you will need to do is draw up some of your best designs and create a portfolio.

Ask for opinions and constructive criticism

If no one has seen the designs you do, then it is important that you show your portfolio to a few friends and family. It is vital that you get their opinions and take their constructive criticism on board and develop your portfolio accordingly. After this, you will want to approach a number of dress boutiques in your town and ask them if they would like to hire you as their designer. Offer to do it at a low wage at first for the experience and for your resume and then work your way up.