Most Popular Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is very important to a business. A business cannot exist without a marketing department. This is because, marketing creates awareness for the business. When an awareness is created, people become interested and use the product or services provided by the company. Sales are generated due to marketing. Today every business uses marketing as their primary sales tool. It isn’t easy to market a product and service. Competition is high and the customer has many choices to choose from. Due to this, a marketing campaign has to capture the customers eye. It cannot be the same kind of generic marketing campaign as the competitors. The marketing campaign has to be unique or different.  

There are many companies that come up with unique and interesting marketing campaigns. Despite the large number of marketing campaigns, not all are successful. Similarly, due to the large number of marketing campaigns, the company has to offer something truly different. There are some countries that have achieved this and enjoy market dominance in their respective industry. These campaigns are even able to turn the tide and a new market leader can emerge. Today, there are many ways a company can obtain useful information to market, for example, banks should use banking business intelligence to get customers. Here’s a list of the most popular marketing campaigns over the years.  

Just Do It 

The “Just Do It” campaign by Nike, completely changed the perception people had on Nike. A simple slogan, the campaign. Nike’s sales went from 800 million USD to 9.2 billion USD in 10 years. Nike’s main competitor at the time, Reebok weren’t able to maintain their lead and Nike surpassed them.  

A Diamond is Forever 

The “Diamond is forever” is another campaign that changed people’s perspective about Diamonds. The campaign was run by De Beers and is one of the most successful campaigns in history. The company made diamonds seem as a necessary luxury and that no marriage was complete without a diamond. Some campaigns are so powerful, they change social insights 

Got milk? 

The “Got milk?” Campaign was successful enough to raise milk sales by 7% in just one year. Made by the California Milk Processor Board, the campaign is parodied to this day. The ad was made to target people who already drank milk so that they would increase consumption.  

Think Small 

The “Think small” campaign by Volkswagen when people were buying large cars. This campaign resulted in high sales and catapulted the car in becoming a cultural icon. The Volkswagen mini is one of the most recognizable cars to this day.