Picking The Best Specialist For Your Plastic Surgeon

Every now and then, you hear a horror story about a cosmetic surgeon that will give you nightmares for days. This is one of them. A few years ago, an unsuspecting woman heard an advertisement on the radio for a certain Beverly Hills doctor. According to news reports, this is the same doctor who worked on plastic surgery treatments for the mother of the celebrity Kanye West, one day before she died. Since this was never connected to her death, the victim decided that she would go in for treatment with someone she thought was aa prestigious name in the industry with a good enough reputation. She was wrong. Her problems weren’t that huge.

What were her issues?

She simply had breasts that didn’t exactly match in size, and a recurring rash where they would rub against her stomach during normal days. After an initial checkup, as is normal with anyone looking for plastic surgeons, she went in to meet him. The problem is that the doctor seemed like the most trustworthy person in the world. A few weeks later, she went in for a single procedure. The doctor proceeded to give her a breast augmentation, liposuction and a tummy tuck in one sitting.

The next morning was hell. Plastic surgeons aren’t generally allowed to do multiple surgeries like this, by law, because of the human body’s frailty and its inability to cope with so much trauma at once. When she woke up, she felt like she had been hit by a train. For days after the surgery, she was leaking fluid and blood all over her clothes.

Trust no one without evidence

What should have been a very simple surgical procedure had turned her body into a warzone, complete with blood, guts and gore. Three infections later, the victim was referred to another doctor for a fluid drain procedure that had built up in her hips. The doctor fended off all accusations that he had done anything wrong, claiming that they were false, but not offering any evidence to support this.

Just like this poor woman, there are people all over the world suffering from the injustice that is a plastic surgeon in Dubai who isn’t qualified. If you want to avoid this kind of situation, it is highly critical that you pick one who is appropriately qualified and certified to be one of the better ones out there. Always, ALWAYS make sure that the doctor you are entrusting your life to is board certified. Too many of them aren’t.

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