Pros And Cons Of Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Robotic vacuum cleaners are the newest addition to the cleaning trend. This is the dream come true for many as this means it will clean the house automatically. However everything comes with a price and this magic equipment also has both pros and cons. Here is brief description of both pros and cons of a robotic vacuum cleaner.

It is not noisy

As we all know tradition vacuum cleaners are not very quiet. They are noisy and it will be annoying. However the automatic vacuum cleaner is quiet. This is important if you have a new born baby in the house and you usually get your cleaning done while the child is asleep. But with a normal cleaner you wouldn’t be able to because the noise may wake the kid up. Solution is the robotic cleaner. However as quiet as it may be there is con as well. Since this is automatic it will sometimes get stuck in narrow ends and may be under the furniture and since it is quiet you wouldn’t know if it is stuck or not. You will only find out when you look for it later. It is quite a con. But based on your needs this can be overlooked.

Time saving

As the name suggests, the automatic vacuum cleaner does the job on its own. So you can come home and put your feet up and enjoy your tea or drink while your robotic cleaner does the job. It is quite time saving for you as some advanced models have the ability to detect dirt and clean. And also most of these will keep on cleaning until the batteries run out and go back to the charging station to be charged. However since there is a lower speed on these it will take a long time for them to clean the entire area. So if you are having guests over and it just finished charging it may take a while to clean. It is a minor con. However the fact that it cleans automatically is a big pro.


As we all know traditional vacuum cleaners Dubai are bulky and it needs heavy maintenance. You need to replace the dirt bags, and clean the pipes etc. But with the robotic cleaner you need to simply empty the dirt box and clean the brushes. So compared to manual cleaners robotic cleaners are very easy to maintain. However robotic cleaners are expensive compared to the manual ones. Also they can only clean flat surfaces and this is a major con in the robotic cleaners.