Revolutionizing Your Cities

The current school of thought of how cities run and interact with those living in them and their environment is a little old school. For decades we humans have been reinventing and upgrading everything around us yet the infrastructure of many Countries have still remained the same regardless, with little improvement. Are you part of the Global Movement to improve the standards of living for everyone equally? Do you want to take the initiative to assist in developing your country? Then this is for you…
Getting smarter and more efficient
Look around you, it’s the ‘Smart’ era everything is either connected by cloud or connected by Wi-Fi, everything from the home bicycle to your home appliances are beginning to get more connected with one another. Similarly our houses have been sent back to the development board as new modern houses are now in connect with everything as well. It is possible to contact your own house via personal computer assistant to control various electronics in the house from lighting and air conditioning to even turning off the fridge.
Similarly with everything around us getting ‘Smarter’ by the day it is only smart if we transform our cities as well. Being dependant on one’s government especially if you are from a developing nation will get you almost nowhere due to many politics at play. If you own a reputed establishment and have the necessary power and authority to make a difference, why not partner with one of the many investors around the world who collaborates with companies like you within the country. Take a look at Medini Iskandar Development in Malaysia for example, investors from around the globe pitched in to the idea of building a one of a kind ‘Smart City’ that integrates well with the environment.
Similar to Medini Iskandar Development in Malaysia, taking up the initiative within your own Country can help transform your cities or maybe even create a new Smart City from a fresh plot of land.
Why have a smarter city?
Well that’s probably a no brainer, having Smart City means everything is not only just connected, but you have a system that also cares for the surrounding environment. They are not necessarily built from traditional materials but new eco friendly ones. They are powered from mostly renewable energy sources and run at a much lower power than conventional cities. Thus making these Cities not only smarter but also in terms of saving the Planet, very ‘Green’. Smart cities are faster, more efficient and having everything under control systematically avoids all sorts of problems.
Transforming a current existing city to a smart city may be of more work than making a smart city all together. Plan well before you decide your next move.