Special Value Added Features Of Short-Term Storing Facilities

There are many companies that offer various storage facilities to domestic and commercial customers. This is a very important service that majorities use for various reasons. Are you planning to renovate your home? Are you thinking of putting up your home on sale? In these situations, you would need some extra space to store your home items. These facilities offer customers clean, secure and various sizes of spaces, rooms, lockers, etc. for storing personal and company items, infrastructure, automobiles, etc. Apart from the obvious services that these companies offer, there are other services that you might not be aware of.

For instance if you’re busy with heavy work schedules, you might not have time to pack the things. Depending on the number of items that you wish to store away for short or long-term, it involves a lot of work. Therefore, when you don’t have time and need some extra help in hand, these companies are a good choice. With that said, you might be wondering what these services are? Here are additional services that are offered to customers:

 Maintenance services

Some of the special services that long and short term storage facilities offer are maintenance, which includes pest control and cleaning. It’s important to maintain the environment in order to offer clients with the best facilities.

 Accessibility to items 24/7

On the other hand, the storage rooms or compartments that you hire are under lock and key. Some advanced facilities use passcode systems that are only known to the owner of the relevant storage room. Therefore, grating access 24/7 to the owner, to collect the items, whenever needed.

 Packing

Furthermore, many of the individuals are extremely busy and therefore, aren’t able to find time to pack the items. As a fact, they might give up on the idea of using these services and clutter there premises anyway. Therefore, these long and short term storage facilities are a stress-free option of packing professionally.

 Transporting

On the other hand, another added service these companies are that they even provide transporting services. Therefore, they would simply pick the packed furnishings and other items, ship it to the facilities and store it. Therefore, it’s convenient for the customer, rather than having to organize a truck to transport it.

Whether you’re shifting residence, workplace, etc. these companies are very important. They offer customers the peace of mind to move smoothly, store away furnishings and items temporarily and so on. Therefore, enjoy the various benefits of using the services of these facilities and free up space in your home or company.