Top Luxury Car Brands In The World

There are several brands in the world. Some brands witnessed severe problems during recession as they suffered an increase in gas prices which even led to severe job cuts too. Here are some types of car brands for you to consider:


The great Bentley is on the list as one of the most luxurious cars in the world. These cars have gone down in cost for over the past several years. A great car manufacturer but due to the issues with the financial crisis in 2009 which led to severe cuts in prices. At present, car sales have improved and doubled in sales over the past few years too. The vehicle is great if you are looking to make a grand entrance, else you can opt for a Ferrari rental in Dubai too.


The Maserati is a great Italian car which is sold all over the globe. It is a cheaper version of the quattroporte which is marvelous machine too. If you want to afford one you will need around 70000 dollars in order to get a high powered turbo engine in your garage. It has been stated as a sophisticated luxury vehicle in most countries and crossovers too.


A jaguar is a vehicle which is known for its luxurious interiors and elegance too. It is powerful and great for use. You must consider purchasing the two seater if you are single and with no incumbrancers. The F type is by far the most popular design for users. If you are not into a sleek Jaguar consider a Ferrari rental where you will be able to use the vehicle for a while before committing to a serious purchase too.


You might be looking for a great car to purchase well you can consider hiring the tesla. These cars are fast and cost effective for use too. You must make sure to check on the fueled cars which might enter the market some might be electric which will need to be charged pretty frequently too. Make sure to check on the Tesla model S which is a luxury car which will turn a few heads as you pass down the road.


Most think that a Porsche is a great sports car but there are several other models which are a better fit. The most popular one is the Cayenne mid-size. Some even provide a range of quality engines to customers who might need it to. If you are really looking for a typical sports car try to invest in a Porsche which has an amazing design and style too. First make sure to ask an expert for advice on what you must purchase.